This is our story

We’re here to serve small businesses, individuals, and families at any stage of life. We are the place customers turn to for clarity so they can focus on growing their business, caring for their families, and protecting their ideas. To succeed at this, we must keep our promise close to our hearts in everything we do.

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Our promise

A brand promise is an idea that reflects our core truths. It defines the experience we want to deliver to our customers and to ourselves.

We’re here for the life of your business and the business of your life.

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  • Life comes with questions. Lots of them. Especially when you own a business.


    Am I doing this right? Do I need that? What does this mean? What about taxes? What about insurance? What about my employees? What about my family? What happens next? What if things change? What am I missing? What’s the plan?


    Where do you start when you don’t know where to turn?

  • You start with people who have your back. People who can point you in the right direction, help you take the next step. People who can take care of that matter for you, so you can take care of what matters most to you. People who understand exactly what you need after helping millions who’ve stood exactly where you are.


    You start with LegalZoom. 

  • We’re here for the life of your business and the business of your life. Our team becomes your team. We’re here to turn confusion into confidence. We’re here to keep you informed, keep you on track, keep you going. We’re here to help you plan, and put that plan into action. We’re here for one day, day one, and every day after.


    We’re here for every question. We’re here so everyone has a place to turn.

Our values

People First

Relationships are core to everything we do. We prioritize relationship building by making customers and Zoomers feel cared for and empowered. We foster a culture of open collaboration, allowing us to connect our customers to information, advisors, and partners.

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We think big, and work tirelessly to exceed expectations. From our rigorously vetted attorney network and partners, to our ongoing dialogue with Zoomers, to the new ways we help our customers succeed—we will never stop pushing for the kinds of groundbreaking changes to make the best experience possible.

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The way we create, build, and deliver our services begins and ends with the needs of the people we serve. We come to work every day with a higher purpose in mind—to make taking care of the business of life easier. From servicing our customers to serving the community, we work to make everyone's lives better.



In order for us to simplify complex matters, we have to know our stuff. Understanding is inherent to our experience, and we work to make things as clear as possible for our customers and Zoomers. Whether it's working to create a more informed and empowered society or eliminating red tape from our internal processes, we believe everyone thrives with clarity.

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