Brand Voice/Tone

We believe that access to quality and reasonably priced legal help is a fundamental right for everyone.

We are

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    We resolve problems.

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    We are warm, friendly,
    and have integrity.

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    We are here to help.

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    We have a history of success.

Our customers are


People who want solutions

Our customers come to us expecting to find solutions. They expect us to have the answers to their questions and the resolutions to their problems. They do not want to do the legwork on their own.


Intimidated by legal help

Our customers, like most people, are intimidated by the law. The information we’re providing them is generally new to them and can seem overwhelming. We don’t assume they know what’s right for them, or tell them what to do, but help them understand the options available in simple, clear terms.


People who want to be reassured

Our customers want reassurance that they’re doing the right thing. Though we do not tell them they are making the right legal choice, we do encourage them to protect their family and business , and are enthusiastic about them doing the right thing and making the right choice coming to us.


Don’t know who to trust or how much to pay

We believe that access to quality legal help at a reasonable price is a fundamental right for everyone.

Our words and actions

Our communications should always be:


We refer to our customers by their last names unless instructed (or permitted) to do otherwise, striking the right balance between warm and formal, to maintain our customers’ trust in LegalZoom’s experience, authority, and legitimacy. We are friendly and strive to achieve a customer relationship, but do not discuss internal matters.


As a company, we are thought leaders. As agents, we have a wealth of material at our fingertips. We educate and inform our customers so they can make the best decision for their business or family.


We are intelligent and can answer all our customers' (non-legal) questions in a complete, easy-to-understand manner, without lingo.


We speak in a conversational, enthusiastic, understanding manner, and relate to our customers' circumstances. We are patient when listening to customers speak and never speak over them. We are helpful in our explanations and avoid sounding mechanical.


We’ve helped millions of Americans with their legal needs and our legal plan attorneys have completed over 200k consultations with LegalZoom customers. We have brand recognition and a dependable reputation we've built over the last 14 years.

Our products and services should be:


We are reassuring when we resolve customers’ problems. Any issue they encounter is exponentially daunting because of the novelty and significance of the legal situation. Our tone is supportive and comforting, trying to diminish any customer fears.


We have enormous amounts of knowledge and give our customers access to a wealth of information. Our products and services educate, inform, and give clarity.


We look for ways to make our customers' lives easy. We speak in straightforward, clear terms, without jargon, legalese, internal language, or acronyms, and ensure customers understand both their current situation and next steps.

A good value

We offer great quality services at a reasonable price. We are not "cheap," we are affordable, and this affordability paired with great quality equals good value.


We can easily be reached for help on an order or for other information. We are easy to speak with, regardless of the department or person reached.


We believe in efficiency and our site is a time-saving way for customers to get legal matters taken care of. We use technology to make law more efficient, our processes allow for efficient fulfillment of orders, and we aim for efficient communication with our customers. We know our customers' time is valuable and we respect it.


We offer a sense of security by way of our years of experience, our knowledgeable frontline teams, and our satisfaction guarantee. Part of this comes from being a strong, established company, and that means displaying one unified front. We refer to LegalZoom in terms of "we" not "they" when speaking of any department outside of our own.

We should always make our customers feel:


LegalZoom customers should always feel informed about their orders and any next steps. They should know what to expect from us and understand the process for the product they've ordered.


Our customers should feel supported during the order process and in their continued relationship with us as a valued LegalZoom customer. We want customers to feel that we're listening to them and want to help, whether it be before they've placed an order or after.


Customers should trust that they've made the right choice coming to LegalZoom because we are a company with integrity, and the personal help they received was from a smart, caring, and knowledgeable agent.


Each customer should feel special. They are not an order number, but someone with specific needs and circumstances. Each customer should be treated with care and understanding.

Like a companion

We are here to be our customers' companion through their LegalZoom experience. We are building a relationship that will last a lifetime, long after their initial order is completed.

We have integrity

We are an honest, ethical company, looking out for our customers’ best interest and doing the right thing at all times.

Cared for

We care about what our customers are going through, whether it be planning for their family's future, or starting their dream business, and we show it through compassionate language and tone.