People should always be seen in the context of an appropriate setting: a business owner in their shop, a family in their living room. Lighting should be bright and natural with saturated colors to add life and vitality. Show moments in people’s lives of cheerfulness, confidence, optimism and comfort.

Imagery - 1
Imagery - 2


Portraits of our people and legal plan attorneys should reflect the friendly and inviting nature of our brand.

  • Natural smile

    A smile that would occur naturally, not posed, sets a warm and welcoming invitation.

  • Face & body slightly to the side

    Facing straight at the camera is confrontational. The slight angle away allows the viewer to enter the space on their own terms.

  • Natural lighting

    Natural light reveals the person more as they really are, candid and unmanipulated.

  • Backdrop out of focus, showing a sense of space

    Environment adds to the candidness and realness of the person. Blurring the background focuses more attention on the face.

  • Modern business casual attire

    Suit and tie are “old” law. We are trying to convey the idea that we are modern, friendly and approachable. However, a suit and tie can be appropriate situationally.


Badges can contain more complexity than standard iconography. They must express authority, legitimacy, confidence and trust. They should also work in both large and small contexts, so create multiple versions accordingly.