Minimum logo sizes

There are no predetermined sizes for our logo. Scale and proportion should be determined by the available space, aesthetics, function, and visibility. There is no preset maximum size for the logo.

100 Pixels is the smallest size.

Logo Sizes

Minimum size


There are three variations of the logo that will allow us to maintain our brand as much as possible.

  • Full knockout logo

    Full knockout

    On colours of medium hue, where the blue blends into its backdrop, use the full knockout logo.

    Download [png] [EPS]
  • Half knockout logo

    Half knockout

    On dark colors/moving video, use the half knockout logo, where the blue color easily stands out.

    Download [png] [EPS]



On third party executions, LegalZoom must always be presented in a clear and understable context.


Top of copy aligns with top of
lowercase letters in logo

Powered by Partnership Long logo

Download [PNG] [EPS]


Copy is centered with logo

Powered by Partnership Stacked logo

Download [PNG] [EPS]

In partnership with Partnership Long logo

Download [PNG] [EPS]

In partnership with Partnership Long logo

Download [PNG] [EPS]


The logo should not be altered, modified, colored, recreated or disproportionately scaled.

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