Our business is about people, so we love to show our customers in their worlds, not ours. For example, a business owner in his/her shop or a family in their living room. Lighting should be bright and natural with saturated colors to add life and vitality. We want to capture moments of cheerfulness, confidence, optimism, and comfort.

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Portraits of our people and legal plan attorneys should reflect their friendly and inviting nature.

Portraiture 1
Portraiture 2
Portraiture 3
Portraiture 4
  • Natural smile

    Capture people candidly and naturally, not posed, to send a welcome and warm message.

  • Face & body slightly to the side

    People looking directly back at the viewer can come across as confrontational. Slightly angle faces away so the viewer can ease into the photo or space.

  • Natural lighting

    “Doctoring up" people in photos comes across as phony. Use natural light to reveal the person more as they really are to connote authenticity and transparency.

  • Background and focus

    Blurring the background focuses more attention on the face. Always have a background with a real environment so it's authentic and avoid plain/all white backgrounds.

  • Modern business casual attire

    We want to convey friendliness, approachability, and a contemporary style. It's ok to show men and women in suits occasionally, but avoid images with “stodgy suits" that connote “old law."

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Angled photos should be used sparingly. An angle of 3 degrees is optimal. Do NOT use angles that go across the entire page.